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INTERNATIONAL GUITAR NIGHT Announces 2015 European Tour

We will be recording a live album in Germany in May, as part of Nacht Der Gitarren. The line up features Brian Gore with Lulo Reinhardt, Andre Krengel, and Mike Dawes.  We also have several dates in Poland planned, with the addition of guitarist Michal Czachowski. The IGN quartet of Brian, Lulo, Andre and Mike will release their live album in the fall in advance of their United Kingdom tour. 

Recording dates (billed as "Nacht Der Gitarren") include:

May 9 - Bonn, Germany

May 10 - Düsseldorf, Germany

May 13 - Lahnstein, Germany

May 14 - Katowice, Poland

May 15 - Gedanska, Poland

May 16 - Jaroslaw, Poland